1. Aaron Regier

    Any serious grouse hunter with a pointer has those days every season – especially early! I had a similar experience with my older setter. Saturday morning she was an all star, pointing and holding well over half the +20 birds we saw. Sunday the only birds I saw were a few woodcock; all of the grouse flushed wild at +40 yards (invisible with the leaves) off the end of a setter’s nose that knows better! The best part is that for every day of learning, there are countless days you walk back to the truck with an empty gun, full vest, and a big grin! Good luck this weekend.

  2. Tony

    My opening weekend was much like your but with half the flushes. 54 years old and still made opening day mistakes of looking for a dead bird while 3 others flushed from tree’s above me. When will I learn that is the tendency for grouse when there are dogs on the ground.

    Enjoyed reading about your opening weekend. Hunt safe and remember If they fly low let them go.


  3. Northwoods'R

    It’s a funny thing how often we are made a fool by those 2nd, 3rd, and 4th birds flushing after we successfully dropped the 1st and proudly march to our prize.

    Thanks for reading! Happy hunting!

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