2014 Deer Season

Seasons come and go like clockwork, just as the whitetail deer season does in Minnesota. The anticipation of spending time in the stand in November is exhilarating.   This is a time when absolutely anything can happen at any given time. This is what drives us to get up early in the morning, put on every piece of clothing you own, grab your rifle, and sit long hours in the stand. [Read more…]

October Memories, Ruffed Grouse Road Trip and more…


Along with another weekend of October grouse and woodcock hunting in the books comes another few days of time well spent in the woods as well as new memories to reflect on in the off-season. Last weekend’s memories include a couple of bloopers including a beautiful point from young setter on a triple of grouse as well as an uncanny reenactment of an incident that I never thought could be repeated. [Read more…]

Great Grouse and Woodcock Hunt

This trip had a different feel to it from the beginning.  My dad and I typically go up to our shack and hunt together.  He was out in North Dakota pheasant hunting so I made the three-hour drive by myself.  This was a great opportunity for me to catch up with a few friends and enjoy some tunes.  I arrived at the shack Thursday night and was greeted by some friends that were already up working on deer stands.  They had a nice fire going and the shack was nice and warm.  We sat around the fire for a couple of hours enjoying whiskey and cigars.  I couldn’t think of a better way to spend an evening in the woods, far away from city lights. [Read more…]

Pursuing A Better Grouse Dog


Last week, a great article was released in the Minneapolis Star Tribune about a Minnesota-based breeder of English Setters and Pointers. It just so happens to be the breeder that I took my pup home from earlier this year. If you’ve been reading my posts throughout the last few months, like this one, you’d know that I’ve been very happy with my young pup and the progress he’s shown as a bird dog. I believe the article highlights many of the reasons that have made Jerry and Betsy so successful as breeders. I’ve said it before but I won’t hesitate to say it again, if you’re looking for an English Setter or Pointer, I highly recommend taking a look at their kennel by going to northwoodsbirddogs.com. Not only are they producing fantastic bird dogs, but they run a first class operation and my wife and I were treated like long-time friends as opposed to first-time customers from start to finish.

Regardless, it’s another great article by Dennis Anderson and it’s very timely as we enjoy the spoils of October grouse hunting. Check it out at the link below:

In Pursuit Of The Perfect Bird Dog


Northwoods’R: NL

Breakthroughs In The October Grouse Woods


Well, it’s absolutely safe to say that October kicked off with a BANG, pun intended, especially for this half of the Northwoods’R crew. Last weekend, I spent a total of three days in the woods, two of them in the far Northern reaches of Minnesota with a good friend of mine and one of them in my usual stomping grounds closer to Duluth. During the three-day period I flushed over 35 grouse and 22 woodcock and I was fortunate enough to bag a few of each to ensure some tasty meals the following week! [Read more…]

Good Shooting, or Was It?

Last weekend, I went out to a covert that holds both grouse and woodcock.  I’m not sure how many shells were in my vest before I put it on but thought I had plenty.  I have run out of shells on a walk before so I thought better of it and grabbed the remaining five shells in my box and tossed them in with the others. [Read more…]