1. Jay

    Great read Nick! I hope we can all get together again next fall! I consider myself lucky to have been able to watch Hartley work, and to take a timberdoodle off of a picture perfect point!

  2. Mark Herwig (member)

    Good blog Nick………I’ll be on the deer stand tomorrow, but my thoughts are seldom far from the grouse woods of October……….we had a great year on grouse and woodcock on my land near Cloquet……..forest management I did two years ago in conjunction with the Natural Resources Conservation Service out of Duluth is really helping the birds. Give them a call and see how they can help you improve your forest for wildlife and hunting.

    Last weekend my spring Hunter and I hunted three hours, flushing 20 grouse (five covies) and two woodcock, bagging 4 grouse and a doodle. I intend to get back after the grouse over Thanksgiving weekend. Good hunting everybody.

    • Northwoods'R

      Thanks for checking in Mark, glad to hear that bird season has treated you well! Good luck on the deer stand this weekend!

  3. You’ll have to swing over to ND for some late season roosters. December is typically a mild month yet and it avoids the rifle deer season as well. While most are getting their fish houses ready, Ellie and I are out busting roosters out of cattail sloughs.

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