Breakthroughs In The October Grouse Woods


Well, it’s absolutely safe to say that October kicked off with a BANG, pun intended, especially for this half of the Northwoods’R crew. Last weekend, I spent a total of three days in the woods, two of them in the far Northern reaches of Minnesota with a good friend of mine and one of them in my usual stomping grounds closer to Duluth. During the three-day period I flushed over 35 grouse and 22 woodcock and I was fortunate enough to bag a few of each to ensure some tasty meals the following week! [Read more…]

Good Shooting, or Was It?

Last weekend, I went out to a covert that holds both grouse and woodcock.  I’m not sure how many shells were in my vest before I put it on but thought I had plenty.  I have run out of shells on a walk before so I thought better of it and grabbed the remaining five shells in my box and tossed them in with the others. [Read more…]