Upland Lowlife Grouse Camp – Photo Journal


A week ago today, the Northwoods’R crew was in Michigan on a long awaited trip to the grouse camp of none other than THE, Upland Lowlife, Jason Dowd (@upland_lowlife). We were joined by a cast of characters that included Sam Glasbergen (@the__royal__flush), Matt Mates (@northbound_gundogs), Dave Veldman (@sportdogphoto), Charley Perkins, Scott McEnaney and Reid Bryant of the Orvis Company, as well as A.J. DeRosa and Kyle Potten of Project Upland (@project_upland). Needless to say it was a bit of a “production” if you will, but we pulled it off, all thanks to Jay Dowd and great time was had by all. [Read more…]

Great Grouse and Woodcock Hunt

This trip had a different feel to it from the beginning.  My dad and I typically go up to our shack and hunt together.  He was out in North Dakota pheasant hunting so I made the three-hour drive by myself.  This was a great opportunity for me to catch up with a few friends and enjoy some tunes.  I arrived at the shack Thursday night and was greeted by some friends that were already up working on deer stands.  They had a nice fire going and the shack was nice and warm.  We sat around the fire for a couple of hours enjoying whiskey and cigars.  I couldn’t think of a better way to spend an evening in the woods, far away from city lights. [Read more…]