• Northwoods'R

      I know the whole exercise thing is a little edgy and “out there” but I just couldn’t resist! Thanks for reading boss!

  1. The exercising was the one key thing that stood out for me. For the past 3 weeks now I have been working out, eating more portioned meals. I have done seasons without working out and have remembered ever since to not be healthier going into season. It will kill a 3 day hunting trip. My wife got me on a pretty nice program. You left the dog out of it in this post but something to make sure your dog is ready to go. Hunting without your Pointer… What’s the point? They say.

    • Northwoods'R

      Agreed Neil! Having a dog this off-season has kept me in better shape than ever before, plain and simple. He needs his exercise regardless and as a result my activity level has gone up even without the added weightlifting regimen.

  2. Excellent advice! Funny, just wrote a brief tidbit on Facebook on boot maintenance and another post yesterday on public hunting tips. Got one on scouting coming up and was communicating with shaun (hunt_4_ever) from Instagram on getting in physical fitness for upland hunters. We must be thinking about the same things. Again, great read as awlays.

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