1. I can relate to this. My favorite coverts are Grouse Rock, Grousketeer Ridge, The Outhouse (because that’s where you go when you shoot like crap), The Royal Macnab, Mad Man Land, Dusty’s Nub, etc. Naming my coverts has been a big part of the enjoyment of the hunt for years. And it gives us writers plenty to write about. I enjoyed this post!

    • NORTHwoodsR

      All good names Andrew, glad you enjoyed the post! Great to hear of others sharing in the tradition. Uplandways,com has been bookmarked!

  2. huntbirdz

    Although we have no grouse here in the Midwest, I enjoy naming certain hunting grounds, fields, marshes, and woods with names like Graveyard Covey, Bull Run, Chicken Ridge (Prairie Chickens), Fields of Gold, and the Double Pee (my hunting partner and I had driving all morning to a new WIHA tract and literally relieved ourselves on a flushing rooster – which to our great suprise the tract has consistently produced pheasants and quail). The memories made in past hunts at these special locations, only make it worthwhile in returning for future adventrues.

    • Northwoods'R

      Hey when you gotta go, you gotta go, right?! Haha, that’s great! The memories indeed are what truly make the names special, that’s what keeps us coming back!

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