Thanksgiving Scare

We went to the in-laws in Fargo for Thanksgiving and fortunately, that also meant that I got to go pheasant hunting for a couple days after the holiday. We made the four hour drive after work Wednesday night. This led the dogs to be cooped up for the majority of Wednesday night so my father in law, Curt and I took my two shorthairs and his lab for a walk late Thursday morning. [Read more…]

2014 Deer Season

Seasons come and go like clockwork, just as the whitetail deer season does in Minnesota. The anticipation of spending time in the stand in November is exhilarating.   This is a time when absolutely anything can happen at any given time. This is what drives us to get up early in the morning, put on every piece of clothing you own, grab your rifle, and sit long hours in the stand. [Read more…]