1. Aaron Regier

    Nothing better than developing a hunting relationship with a dog, experienced or not. I’m going to be on season four with my first english setter. The one thing I’ve learned is to listen to the dog; they may lead you on a wild chase from time to time, but they have more hunting skill and instinct than I ever will.

    You’re going to love it – nothing better.

    • NORTHwoodsR

      Well said Aaron! They know their way around the woods, that’s for sure!

      I can’t wait to give it a try myself!

  2. Just got my first setter and it is amazing watching her work; she wants nothing more than to find birds, and regularly does. Such a sweet temperament and companion. That being said, she really needs an opportunity to run big or “work” on a daily basis or she gets anxious. Couldn’t be happier with her though, she is out of Hideaway Kennels in Calhan, CO (Ben Garcia – multiple NFC/NAFC champs in the last 6 years) and i would highly recommend him if you ever are looking for a trainer or some finishing – he will also be more than happy to recommend a couple of individuals in MN that are good setter trainers, as he did this for me. I’m out in SW MN, but regularly hunt around the Leech Lake area for grouse. Glad I finally visited your site after following on instagram.

    • NORTHwoodsR

      That’s awesome to hear, thanks Kyle! Really looking forward to my first bird dog!

      Thanks for the recommendation on Ben @ Hideaway, I will certainly keep him in mind and appreciate the heads up!

      We’re glad you checked out the site as well, it should be a fun year for the Northwoods’R crew, we’ve got two pups on the way and the website which should make for a busy fall season. We hope you continue to enjoy it!

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