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  1. Mark Herwig (member)

    I’ve trained all my dogs……but I quickly found out I needed most the training, that is, in how to train a dog. I’m still learning after nearly 30 years. I got lucky with my first dog……it was like he was pre-programmed. Sure, I had to do obedience training and some fetch training, but other than that he was golden. Wolf, a springer, impressed every person he hunted with. I have another springer now that didn’t have half Wolf’s natural ability, but with work he’s turned into a good bird flusher and a ‘c-grade’ retriever, although he’ll always mark a downed bird for me. I made some mistakes in that regard, as he’s very sensitive to me running up on a downed bird, thinking he had to back off. Its been a bad habit I haven’t been able to break. Alas, he’s nine and I’m looking for another dog in a year or so. But I agree, the best training is getting a dog on wild birds, period.

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