1. mark herwig

    Welcome back NorthWoodsR………..to your list I’d add read the latest issue of Ruffed Grouse Society magazine!…..and if you don’t belong to RGS, join up and become a part of the habitat solution. We need every grouse hunter in this country hounding their state and federal forest agencies to get on the stick with creating more young forest habitat, not only for our favorite game bird species, but countless other creatures that need this form of habitat. And while you’re at it, hound your congresspersons to fund the work forest agencies need, and many, want to do.

    I’m heading up to my land tomorrow, Camp Moose Horn in Carlton County, Minnesota, to do some planting, chores and, of course, hit the trails with my trusty springer to sample the local grouse, woodcock population. Sharpen up your reflexes ladies and gentlemen, for soon you’ll be attempting to swing and hit the most challenging upland game bird in North America.

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