Upland Lowlife Grouse Camp – Photo Journal


A week ago today, the Northwoods’R crew was in Michigan on a long awaited trip to the grouse camp of none other than THE, Upland Lowlife, Jason Dowd (@upland_lowlife). We were joined by a cast of characters that included Sam Glasbergen (@the__royal__flush), Matt Mates (@northbound_gundogs), Dave Veldman (@sportdogphoto), Charley Perkins, Scott McEnaney and Reid Bryant of the Orvis Company, as well as A.J. DeRosa and Kyle Potten of Project Upland (@project_upland). Needless to say it was a bit of a “production” if you will, but we pulled it off, all thanks to Jay Dowd and great time was had by all.

Thanks to the photography done by Project Upland (www.projectupland.com) and Sport Dog Photo (www.sportdogphoto.com) there were some fantastic images captured during  the camp and we have some of them to share with you today. There will be some of our own photos mixed in but all of the “good” stuff is from Project Upland and Sport Dog Photo, they both do EXCELLENT work.

There will be a number of Project Upland films created utilizing the content captured over the course of last week including one on Northwoods’R which we are very excited about. Make sure you follow Project Upland throughout the end of the year and into 2017 as they roll out a new season of epic upland hunting films. Last year’s films were great and we expect this year to be bigger and better!

Traveling upland hunting is always a blast, especially when you get to stay at a friend’s camp, meet up with old friends and make some new ones along the way. That being said, we are both excited to get back into our home covers in Minnesota and Wisconsin. October has arrived and grouse and woodcock season are entering prime time in the Great Lakes states. By the looks of our facebook and instagram feeds it looks like many of you are out there enjoying it! For now, we hope you enjoy some of the pictures from our trip last week.


Northwoods’R Garrett


Northwoods’R Nick

Northwoods’R crew getting synced up and scoping out a cover


Northwoods’R Garrett with his 16 gauge Fox Sterlingworth


Northwoods’R Nick with his 20 gauge Webley & Scott


Jay cutting Ruthie and George loose while carrying his 16 gauge Parker DH


Northwoods’R Nick with his English Setter, Hartley


Northwoods’R Garrett gearing up with his GSP, Surly


Scott McEnaney and Brix


Matt Mates and Smoke

Nick and Hartley

Emmylou doing what she does best!


Garrett and Jay traded a Parker for a Fox for a morning hunt and they each bagged a woodcock with each-other’s guns


Sam jazzed up because his setter, Gus was tearing up the woods


Just a few tailgate shenanigans


The NorthwoodsR crew most definitely scouting the next cover and definitely NOT checking Instagram


Story time with Reid Bryant and Charley Perkins


Garrett bagged this grouse over an awesome point by Hartley


Jay Dowd connects on a grouse


A.J. DeRosa connects over Stella’s point


Dave Veldman with a well earned brace of timberdoodles


Hawthorn was on the dinner menu for this beautiful Ruff


Artwork by A.J. DeRosa, phenomenal


Good times around the campfire


Hard to beat this view

It was an unforgettable grouse camp in Michigan this year and we hope to cross paths again with everyone very soon. Until then, we leave you with this quote by one of the best:

“A hunting camp is one of the few places left to us where we can dream of a near-perfect tomorrow. Where the harsh realities of lost riches and faded glories can be forgotten and the dreams of what might be come down to a delightful day with not too much wind, a crisp morning silvered with frost, and find us—at long last—with the right gun, shells, dogs, and friends who will be pleased forever to remember the day we “did it all.” – Gene Hill


  1. mark herwig

    Love the smoking pipes and the crop with hawthorne berries. Bagged a unique ruff last week at my place near Duluth, a red/grey cross. Its ruff was Irish red/blonde and tail feathers an opaque, light red. Our group bagged 12 grouse and five woodcock.

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