1. Great Read! I concur…wild birds, wild birds, wild birds. Every 1 wild bird contact is worth 1000 planted birds, for sure. I am hoping this weekend i get back to my spots and there are a few stragglers around. According to the RGS Woodcock Migration map there were a few that got past us. I’m sending my dog out to the midwest this late summer/early fall for exactly what you just wrote about….Wild contacts and hopefully many!

  2. Great article, I agree with you on getting one’s dog on as much wild birds you can. Its better for the dog to learn this way, but as you said there is a time and place for “planted” birds (I guess, although Im not a fan of preserves/farms at all but they do serve their purpose and not everyone is as fortunate to get into wild birds).

  3. Mark Herwig

    Yes, birds and more birds, and wild are best……….imagine just shooting game farm birds your first year and then trying to hit a wild one for the first time……….so you may as well train on the wild ones to begin with…………..my springer Hunter flushed a few grouse the other week up on my land in Carlton County…….he’s 8 and knows the ropes, but practice makes the master.

    Nick, nice meeting you at the St. Louis/Carlton County Pheasants Forever banquet Friday last in Duluth…….fun event. As hunters, if we take from nature we have a responsibility to give back too. Speaking of, I did a forest management project on my Carlton County land March 2014 in partnership with the Duluth Natural Resources Conservation Service. We cut 10.5 acres in amongst older aspen to provide young forest habitat/edge for game and non-game species alike…..and made some money in the bargin. Give them a call if you have some old forest in need of attention. The work’s over for now, so its on to turkey hunting this Friday!

    • Thanks for the comment Mark, great to meet you as well! Your efforts in and voicing of conservation practices are appreciated here at Northwoods’R!

      Aside from the article you did in the RGS magazine regarding your land management project, is there a digital version of that article or another piece you did, available online anywhere?

      After I read it initially, I thought it would make for a great blog post to encourage people that they can manage their private lands no matter how small. I’d like to link to your article if possible.

      Let me know, thanks!

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